An Old Boat In Black And White

An Old Boat In Black And White

Days Gone By

An old abandoned boat gently sails on a lush sea of grass…

I’ve been posting many images with bright colors and luscious floral themes lately, and thought I’d mix it up a bit today. While my first photographic love is nature photography in color, I also really enjoy photographing old abandoned buildings, boats, and just about anything else I can find that has a good layer of rust on it or some amazingly textured cracked and peeling paint. I feel that certain images depicting decay and the passage of time become stronger when converted to black and white. ‘Days Gone By’ is an example of one of my black and white conversions. I find that the absence of color gives it the “mood” I was looking to convey, and emphasizes the composition as well as the textures in the image such as the peeling paint on the boat and the thick grass waving in the wind.

Please visit the following link to learn more about this image:


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