A Baby Goose Takes A Rest

A Baby Goose Takes A Rest

Adorably awkward, a baby goose takes a rest, mid-chew, in the grass at a local park.

Mama Goose and Papa Goose let me get really close to the goslings, and I ended up spending a couple of hours crawling around in the grass and hanging out with various goose families. Did I get weird looks from other people in the park as I ducked down, crawled, and crouched? Perhaps. I was too engrossed in taking pictures to notice. I consider the outing a success, not only because I got some neat photos and hung out with adorable baby animals, but also because I managed not to step or crawl into the goose poop that was abundantly littered throughout the park. Whew!

Click here for more information about this photograph: http://priya-ghose.artistwebsites.com/featured/rest-priya-ghose.html


14 thoughts on “A Baby Goose Takes A Rest

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  2. happycat13

    Anyone who has the grace to crawl around on the ground in the midst of geese (with babies and without getting a trace of goose poop on her), is NOT weird. She is super bold and takes awesome pics. Thank you for sharing!

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