Honeybee In Flight

Honeybee in flight

A honeybee, already carrying blue pollen in the pollen baskets or corbicula on its hind legs, flies up to another Pride of Madeira blossom to gather more of this exotic blue substance.

I absolutely adore photographing bees! I will follow them around from flower to flower, totally lost in capturing their activity. In my opinion, this a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

I took this photo, ‘Blue Pollen,’ while standing in a patch of landscaping at a local strip mall. I walk by this area quite frequently, and one day I noticed that the Echium candicans (also known as Pride of Madeira) was buzzing with pollinators. I hurried back home and grabbed my camera, hoping that the late afternoon light would hold long enough for me to get some photographs. I was in luck, and happily snapped photo after photo of adorably fuzzy bumble bees, heavy and awkward carpenter bees, miniscule sweat bees, and the always enthusiastic honeybees.

I’m sure I was a funny sight as I crouched, turned, and twisted, following various bees with my camera. I was so intent on tracking each movement that I made myself dizzy swinging my camera back and forth and up and down. Despite the dizziness, I returned home quite happy with my late afternoon bee “photo shoot.”



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Flying Honeybee Photograph


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