Fisherman Casting

Fisherman Casting

A solitary fisherman casts his line into the misty morning water. This dramatically lit black and white photograph was taken at Silver Lake, which is part of the June Lake Loop in the Eastern Sierra in California.

The early morning light was dramatic, the mist was amazing, and all looks calm, beautiful, and tranquil. However, the one thing that this photograph fails to capture is that it was really, really cold! I will freely admit that I am a cold wimp, and despite my multiple layers, awkward winter coat, and a silly hat, my fingers and toes became numb with the cold. I waited for this shot for quite sometime, “nonchalantly” standing around pretending to be otherwise occupied while the fisherman rummaged through his bag and did various other non-photogenic activities. Finally, he lifted his arm, gracefully and skillfully casting his line into the cold autumn water of Silver Lake. I quickly took one photograph, and this is it.


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18 thoughts on “Fisherman Casting

    1. Priya Ghose Post author

      Thank you Jo Ann! I didn’t stick around long enough to see if he had any success…we were off to other scenic spots on the June Lake Loop, chasing the morning sun.

  1. lauramacky

    This is just beautiful! I love the silhouette of the fisherman with the tiniest of glow around the top portion of his body…and the mist and the ripples…it’s just gorgeous.

  2. Frank J. Casella Photographer

    Reblogged this on Simple Moments Blog and commented:
    What a remarkable moment by Priya Ghose Photography. I love how the rich tones and the mist add to the story telling here. The reflection in the water is very symbolic of the benefits of fishing beyond the catch. This I think is a simple moment that examples the virtues of life.

    1. Priya Ghose Post author

      Yes, this is the one and only photo I took of this fisherman casting. I have one more of him rummaging in his bag, but that’s it. We were anxious to move on to take advantage of the wonderful golden morning light breaking through the mist, so moved on to another location…


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