The Point Reyes Lighthouse – The Descent to Light

The Point Reyes Lighthouse - The Descent to Light

The Descent to Light is an image of the impressive view from the top of the 300 step staircase which leads down to the Point Reyes Lighthouse.

The Point Reyes Lighthouse, or Point Reyes Light Station is located in Point Reyes, California, and operated from 1870 through 1975. This historic landmark is now preserved as a visitor center, and many visitors brave the extremely high winds and frequent fog to learn more about this chapter in California history. The Point Reyes area is an incredibly beautiful part of California, with its rugged cliffs, scenic vistas, beautiful beaches, and the chance for amazing encounters with wildlife such as the tule elk. The Point Reyes Lighthouse is a must see, if you’re visiting the area.

Given my previously mentioned cold wimpiness, I was glad we visited the lighthouse on a sunny day; I could at least have the illusion of warmth while being buffeted about by the wind. Numerous visitors huffed and puffed, descending and ascending the steep set of stairs while I waited for that perfect moment when the stairs were deserted, so I could take this photograph. A quick click of my camera’s shutter button and I captured this image, and then more people began their journey up and down the stairs.


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12 thoughts on “The Point Reyes Lighthouse – The Descent to Light

  1. lauramacky

    AHHHH….I took some from there too. Did you and I discuss this or was that someone else? There are a few Bay Area people that I’ve talked about this with and I can’t keep it straight! lol. I posted some images of this place too on my blog awhile ago. Quite the staircase eh? 🙂

    1. Priya Ghose Post author

      I think it was someone else, as I’m just restarting my blog after almost a year’s absence. I’ll see if I can find your images on your blog…quite the staircase, indeed!

      1. lauramacky

        I had to put off the replacement because we moved. It’s now scheduled for August 12 so I’ll be away from here for awhile then. Hopefully it will be worth it in the end! Thank you.

  2. Lilium Forest

    This was definitely a picture worth waiting for! Very dramatic and the images tell quite a story!


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