Rare Summer Rain On A Salvia

Rare Summer Rain On Salvia

Sage (Salvia) ‘Wendy’s Wish’ gently bows under a light summer rain in my garden.

Let’s face it, California is in a severe drought, and we are seeing the muddy bottoms of reservoirs (there is an old car sitting in the mud and cracking earth at the bottom of a local one). In a year where rain during the winter rainy season was a novelty, the thought of summer rain is mildly absurd in our climate with its traditionally dry summers. Therefore, I thought I’d post this photograph as a reminder that moisture can indeed fall from the sky, and once in a long while, it even happens during the dry season…even if it is just a little sprinkle to moisten foliage and flowers.


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16 thoughts on “Rare Summer Rain On A Salvia

  1. lauramacky

    Ohhh I love this!! I yearn for rain. It is awful here in California. 😦 Hopefully it will rain next year and our landscape will once again thrive.

      1. Priya Ghose Post author

        Agreed. Our drip system is completely messed up, but our garden is quite small (and has two ponds), so watering it is not too much of a chore.

  2. Lilium Forest

    I love the mood of this photograph. You have captured the whole feeling of rain very well and the colors add to the atmosphere.


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