Lunch On The Run, Baby Goose Style

Lunch On The Run, Baby Goose Style

Adorably awkward, a baby goose munches on grass while on the run.

I’ve already written about my day at the park with Mama Goose, Papa Goose, and their adorable babies here

After visiting with the younger family in my previous post, I walked to the other side of the lake and encountered a slightly older and much more rowdy bunch of goslings running around madly while their parents looked on. This cutie couldn’t even be bothered to stop running, as it munched on grass.


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15 thoughts on “Lunch On The Run, Baby Goose Style

  1. Jennavieve "JJ" Joshua

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!
    It brings me such JOY!
    It tells a full story and warms my heart. Thank you Priya for being in the right place at the right time to capture a little goose lunch on the run! Precious! Delightful! Brilliant!

  2. Lilium Forest

    This photograph never fails to delight me. I have spent many hours over the years in search of Mama and Papa Goose and their adorable families, stepping around volumes of goose poop. I admire your dedication. I have never been willing to crawl around in the grass after them! Your title, “Lunch on the Run,” is brilliant, and your photograph perfectly captures the essence of a gosling. I have cards of this photo, much to the delight of those who have received them. I am about to frame one for myself. Your card is the perfect size for the spot I have in mind. Thank you for a photograph that always lifts my spirits! LF


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