A tiny sweat bee diligently gathers brilliant yellow pollen from the inside of a vibrant red dahlia.

Yes, here we go again…back to my bee photography obsession. I am taking a break from my beloved honeybee photographs to post this image of a very petite native California bee abundantly covered in fluffy dahlia pollen. I have been unable to identify it thus far, and would love any ID leads. Whatever its true identification, I find it quite cute. I’ve admitted to photographing bees while standing in the landscaping of strip malls, as well crawling around on the goose poop laden grass to get up close and personal with baby geese, and also stated that I’m a fixture at local nurseries. This is one of my nursery photos, taken at the edge of a huge grouping of brilliantly flowering dahlias which were teeming with a variety of bees. When I first came across the table of dahlias I stood transfixed, watching the activity and listening to all of that buzzing. Then I whipped off my lens cap, peered through my camera’s viewfinder and clicked away happily, totally lost to the outside world as I watched the process of pollination.


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26 thoughts on “Pollination

  1. Arts & Rhymes

    Beautifully captured busy little creature! I very much like all the yellow, orange and pink too!

      1. Priya Ghose Post author

        That’s a good focal length. I have a 35mm and a 100mm and they both get a good workout. I look forward to seeing your explorations into all things “small.”

      2. lauramacky

        Thank you 🙂 I have the 35mm but it doesn’t get “close” enough. I want to get really tight in there. Hmm…that sounds like a personal problem haha.

      3. Priya Ghose Post author

        LOL! I have actually had a lot of luck getting up close with the 35mm macro, as it lets me stick both my face and my lens practically right into a flower or in some poor unsuspecting insect’s face (rude, I know)…this photo was taken with it.

      4. lauramacky

        I do know I can use my 35mm but I wanted not to have to get so close as I have enough problems physical even squatting down a bit lol. The more distance I can get for me the better. This lens gets great reviews too! I’m looking forward to seeing what I can get.

      5. Priya Ghose Post author

        Yes, that definitely makes sense. The 35 is currently easier for me to use as it is much smaller and lighter, but it does involve moving around in ways that can sometimes be avoided using a longer focal length. I look forward to seeing some shots with your new lens! 🙂

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