Dreamy Blue Windflower

A dreamy blue windflower (Anemone blanda), sways gently in a soft spring breeze, as it peeks out from a sheltered corner of a woodland garden…

Anemone Blanda Photograph

I have to be honest here…my image choice for today’s blog post is based on our current weather conditions. It’s hot here in California, and everything is brown. Our clay soil has been baked in the summer sun and is cracking open, revealing nothing more but continued dryness in its depths. Huddled inside in the a/c while my garden droops and fries in the persistent sun, I came across this image of a windflower. It immediately transported me back to the cool spring day when I spied its beautiful bloom and knelt on the rich, damp soil to capture it twisting, bowing, and nodding in time with the gentle spring breeze.


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12 thoughts on “Dreamy Blue Windflower

  1. Jennavieve "JJ" Joshua

    Hi Prya! Thanks for the beautiful reminder about wildflowers! The cool blue also helps with the heat of the season. May our gardens grow green and lush, even if only in our dreams! Jennavieve

  2. Lilium Forest

    Ah, yes! This little gem of a windflower is so evocative of those precious spring days. The cool blue set against the lovely background tones is very soothing for the eye on a hot summer afternoon. I’ve just spent some time going back through your blogs and feel inspired and refreshed. Your writing is such a wonderful complement to your photography.


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