Its Beach Afternoon In Santa Cruz

Its Beach Santa Cruz photo

Beachgoers, both human and canine, enjoy the late afternoon sunshine at Its Beach (Lighthouse Field State Beach) on West Cliff Drive in Santa Cruz, California.

I took this photograph from Lighthouse Point, looking down onto Its Beach and across to West Cliff Drive. This is an image that feels straight out of my childhood. I grew up near this beach and spent many hours in the area captured in this photograph, both on the sand as well as walking on the always beautiful West Cliff Drive. Growing up in Santa Cruz meant growing up in a California beach town; one of the neatest parts of this was the ability to have beach bonfire birthday parties in Winter. Mmmm…s’mores!

I could continue to reminisce, but instead I will say this – it’s Summer, the weather is warm and beautiful…come, join me at the beach!


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21 thoughts on “Its Beach Afternoon In Santa Cruz

  1. Jennavieve "JJ" Joshua

    Your photo took my right there, beautiful, I love story pics. Glad to see a part of your childhood!
    Dreaming of s’mores . . .thanks! JJ

    1. Priya Ghose Post author

      Thank you! My favorite part of the s’more experience was roasting the marshmallows to a nice brown color without burning them or setting them totally on fire…quite a challenge to get them to that perfect state!

  2. Lilium Forest

    I, too, have wonderful memories of this wonderful beach, and all along West Cliff Drive. I love the ever-changing moods of the coastline. You have captured this late afternoon mood beautifully. Is it the promise of a beautiful sunset? Or maybe it is the last rays of sun before the fog rolls in. Either way, the photograph has a lovely soft glow. Thanks for the trip back, Priya!

  3. janetweightreed10

    Thank you so much for this wonderful image, and yes I would love to join you:)
    I have visited Santa Cruz and loved it.
    I lived in the States from 1966 til 1993 mostly on the East Coast however, I always felt like a West Coast person:) Janet.

  4. smilingtoad

    I look at this, and I see “home.” What an exquisite shot! And yes, nothing better than a beach bonfire party to blaze through a chilly, scintillating night in winter! I have never actually attended one, but I have admired them from a distance, under the cover of stars, listening to the sounds of laughter, flame and wave, on one of my long, cold meandering walks probing through the night. Fabulous. I think I shall join you on the beach this very second, thank you! Cheers!

    smiling toad


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