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A Little Good News For One Of My Photographs


I haven’t been blogging lately due to the continued issues with my hands and arms, and have been feeling a bit disheartened about the challenges in creating and promoting my photography and art (as well as struggling to get through the rest of my life). I try to stay positive and look at my situation with humor, but some days I am not as successful at it as I’d like to be. Therefore, it was an extra special kind of awesome to find an email from Crated, notifying me that ‘Ghost Boats In Morro Bay’ has been featured on their homepage. Click here to view a previous blog post about this photograph. I am still trying to keep typing at a minimum for now, but wanted to post this bit of good news. I hope to be back to blogging on a much more regular basis again soon!


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A Permanent Rest – The Mystery Of The Point Reyes Boat

The Point Reyes is an abandoned fishing boat in Inverness, Marin County, California, (in Tomales Bay, north of San Francisco). It is located near Point Reyes National Seashore, and is a popular photographic subject. I was curious to learn the history behind this boat, but Internet searches uncovered surprisingly little information about it…

Photograph of the Point Reyes Boat

I wrote something similar to the text above, and posted it along with this photograph on my Tumblr blog some time ago. I was surprised and delighted to receive the following response to my post:

Luckily for you, I work at a local history museum in Marin County and ran into an Inverness historian who was doing some research in our archives. I asked him about the boat and this is what he told me:

The previous owner of the garage behind which the boat is grounded originally bought the boat and towed it to the sand bar with the intent to repair it. He never got around to it, however, so it mouldered there until the owner sold the land to a company specializing in wetlands restoration and preservation.

Though the rotting boat is exactly the kind of thing the current owners specialize in removing, they’ve left it because they don’t want to invoke the wrath of local photographers.

A big thank you to Kate Dollarhyde for clearing up a bit of this mystery. Given the popularity of the boat (when we visited there were not only other photographers present, but entire families and other people without cameras checking it out as well), I think the decision to leave well enough alone is a wise one, but perhaps that is simply my love for the old and abandoned speaking. What do you think…should the boat remain or be removed? Is it a beautiful reminder of the past, or an eyesore, interfering with the restoration of the local ecosystem?


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An Old Boat In Black And White

An Old Boat In Black And White

Days Gone By

An old abandoned boat gently sails on a lush sea of grass…

I’ve been posting many images with bright colors and luscious floral themes lately, and thought I’d mix it up a bit today. While my first photographic love is nature photography in color, I also really enjoy photographing old abandoned buildings, boats, and just about anything else I can find that has a good layer of rust on it or some amazingly textured cracked and peeling paint. I feel that certain images depicting decay and the passage of time become stronger when converted to black and white. ‘Days Gone By’ is an example of one of my black and white conversions. I find that the absence of color gives it the “mood” I was looking to convey, and emphasizes the composition as well as the textures in the image such as the peeling paint on the boat and the thick grass waving in the wind.

Please visit the following link to learn more about this image: http://priya-ghose.artistwebsites.com/featured/days-gone-by-priya-ghose.html