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Abstract Flower Swirl Art – Exploring Flowers and Photography Through Painting

Abstract Flower Art

A vibrant ink painting depicting swirling red and purple flowers atop stems of green, blue and teal.

While I currently see myself as primarily a photographer, I have begun to explore my artistic roots again. You can read more about the reasons behind this exploration here.

I must admit I’ve really overdone it lately, and my body is complaining loudly and quite persistently. At a time when each press of a key on my keyboard makes me wince, I wanted to post this bold and vivid explosion of color and movement. Not only is it a celebration of the possibility of alternate forms of creativity, it also features one of my favorite photographic subjects – the flower.

As an avid gardener, taking pictures of flowers is what initially led me into the amazing world of photography. Therefore, this alcohol ink painting is a reminder of two of my greatest passions. I cannot currently do much digging in the dirt, nor can I go exploring the inner secrets of flower petals with my macro lens on a whim. However, I am working on finding different manners in which to explore my loves. I fervently hope to return to them more fully at some point soon, having been enriched by finding other ways to appreciate them during our time apart.


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Abstract Flower Art