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Dreamy Blue Windflower

A dreamy blue windflower (Anemone blanda), sways gently in a soft spring breeze, as it peeks out from a sheltered corner of a woodland garden…

Anemone Blanda Photograph

I have to be honest here…my image choice for today’s blog post is based on our current weather conditions. It’s hot here in California, and everything is brown. Our clay soil has been baked in the summer sun and is cracking open, revealing nothing more but continued dryness in its depths. Huddled inside in the a/c while my garden droops and fries in the persistent sun, I came across this image of a windflower. It immediately transported me back to the cool spring day when I spied its beautiful bloom and knelt on the rich, damp soil to capture it twisting, bowing, and nodding in time with the gentle spring breeze.


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A Gulf Fritillary Butterfly Sits On My Finger…

A Gulf Fritillary Butterfly Sits On My Finger...

A Gulf Fritillary Butterfly (Agraulis vanillae), newly emerged from its chrysalis, sits on my finger before taking its first flight.

I’ve written a bit about the life cycle of the gulf frittilary butterfly here but just wanted to share another photo of one of these cuties, lightly tickling my finger. There are currently many female gulf frittilary butterflies flying about the garden, looking to lay their eggs. They are so intent on their purpose that they completely ignore me as I come up close; I watch them lay eggs on passionflower vine leaves, tendrils, and even flowers.


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Gulf Fritillary Butterfly Photography

Pacific Ocean Splash

Pacific Ocean Splash

The deep turquoise waves of the Pacific Ocean crash onto the jagged rock formations near Big Sur, California.

We’ve taken the drive down the Pacific Coast Highway to Big Sur numerous times, and it always surprises and delights. Each turn reveals yet another startlingly beautiful scenic vista, with the ocean crashing and foaming in shades of blue and teal as it pushes and pulls on the sand and rocks below the steep cliffs that border the highway. In this photograph, the curving shape of the intersection between tumultuous water and steady stone reminds me of a sideways yin-yang symbol.


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Ocean Splash Photography

Winter Sunset Through Trees

Photograph of Winter Sunset Through Trees

The winter sun peeks through the forest as it sets, staining the snow pink with its brilliance.

I took this photograph at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, while delicately tiptoeing on top of a big pile of snow and hoping not to fall through. It was bitterly cold, and snow had lodged itself inside of my boots. We’d waited for a spectacular sunset over Crater Lake itself, but all was blah and boring. Suddenly, the world changed into a magical land of glowing snow and long dramatic shadows. The setting sun flared dramatically through my camera lens, creating a bright golden starburst peeking out through the snow-heavy trees.


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Winter Sunset Through Trees Art

Honeybee In Flight

Honeybee in flight

A honeybee, already carrying blue pollen in the pollen baskets or corbicula on its hind legs, flies up to another Pride of Madeira blossom to gather more of this exotic blue substance.

I absolutely adore photographing bees! I will follow them around from flower to flower, totally lost in capturing their activity. In my opinion, this a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

I took this photo, ‘Blue Pollen,’ while standing in a patch of landscaping at a local strip mall. I walk by this area quite frequently, and one day I noticed that the Echium candicans (also known as Pride of Madeira) was buzzing with pollinators. I hurried back home and grabbed my camera, hoping that the late afternoon light would hold long enough for me to get some photographs. I was in luck, and happily snapped photo after photo of adorably fuzzy bumble bees, heavy and awkward carpenter bees, miniscule sweat bees, and the always enthusiastic honeybees.

I’m sure I was a funny sight as I crouched, turned, and twisted, following various bees with my camera. I was so intent on tracking each movement that I made myself dizzy swinging my camera back and forth and up and down. Despite the dizziness, I returned home quite happy with my late afternoon bee “photo shoot.”



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Flying Honeybee Photograph

Parrot Feather Droplets

Parrot Feather Plant

Aquatic plant Parrot Feather (Myriophyllum aquaticum) delicately holds several raindrops. While it’s a beautiful plant with intricate fern-like leaves, it is also very aggressive and invasive. I bought it at a local nursery to grow in my smaller pond, but it encroached on the waterlily and the taro plants,¬† so eventually it had to go.

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